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Blythe M. Davis currently resides and works in Minneapolis, MN. Blythe received her education from Hope College, graduating with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies and is self-taught in terms of her artistic pursuits. Davis produced her first solo encaustic show in January 2017 and has exhibited mixed-media pieces in past group shows at Altered Esthetics and AZ Gallery. In 2018 and 2019, Blythe exhibited multiple solo shows in Twin Cities galleries and shops. When not making art, Blythe M. Davis relieves stress and pain in human bodies at her private massage and shiatsu practice.


Color, texture, shapes, and lines are the elements that allow me to abstractly express myself. I can be moved by a simple combination of color and texture or the interplay between pattern, shapes and scale. Visually, I am often inspired by the rough and ragged aspects of the world - those that have withstood the battle against time, space and the natural elements.

I find beeswax both a delicate and durable medium
. I gain inspiration from the concepts of human connection, and impermanence, our current place in time and the ways in which we make our mark on the world. Encaustic medium allows me to visually experiment with the conflicting states of harmony and struggle while at the same time practice "letting go".

Bike sculpture provides me the opportunity to highlight the unique beauty in what others might deem ugly or garbage. With bike art, I aim to celebrate our incredibly vibrant Twin Cities bike culture while finding a new creative life for the reclaimed and upcycled bike parts collected from community members and local bike shops.

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